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If PA is too far to travel, try finding a breeder near you . . .

There are still a few available links on this page. If you would like me to add your link to our website, please e-mail me at clover_patch_rabbitry@hotmail.com with your rabbitry name, breeds raised, location (state at least), and website URL. In return for placing your link on our directory page, we ask that you please place a link back to us on your website.

3 week old American Chinchilla Kits

Bunny Boutique Located in Orage County, NY, Bunny Boutique raises show, brood and pet quality Holland Lops

M an' M Rabbitry

Located in Washington, M an' M Rabbitry raises Jersey Wooly's in Agouti, AOV, Self, Shaded and Tan and Standard Chinchilla's.

NorthWoods Wooly NorthWoods Wooly is located in northeastern Wisconsin where they breed Jersey Wooly's.

Zele's Rabbitry Located in northwest Conneticut, Zele's Rabbitry raises Netherland Dwarfs and Mini Rex.